Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is almost the same as like having a conversation with your friends at a coffee shop.  It is also like getting that unexpected phone call from an old friend and just talking to each other.  It is conversational and laid back.  There are hundreds of companies jumping in on the social media band wagon that really just don’t get it and they are usually trying to hard.

Find below common mistakes some marketers make when entering the social media arena

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Listening: Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about being conversational.  This means that people listening and then interacting.  If you are only focused on broadcasting (ex radio + tv), then you are not engaging at a social interactive level.  Building strong relationships requires listening to understand the other person’s point of view.

Conversational: Never try to control and force your point of view.  Your ultimate goal is to build trust and to understand the other person’s viewpoint by listening.  Of course you want to explain your point of view, but always avoid criticizing and offending.  You also want people to listen to you. Try being proper, not to formal and boring. Let your personality show in your conversations.

Participation: Don’t try to participate in all the forms and channels of social media so that your participation looks  inconsistent and spotty.  You can experiment with a wide range of tools but find the areas that you really enjoy and that you are good at.  Settle in on your favourites and focus.  In the long run you will build better relationships and you will enjoy it more.

Self Promotion: By not providing value and by promoting yourself is a big mistake.  Social media is all about entering into conversations and participation.  We all see companies that enters into social networking, blogging, Facebook and Twitter that spends their energy and time marketing themselves.  This will definitely make sure that people run the other direction.

Giving up: Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about sustaining lasting relationships and by creating new ones.  It really takes time and effort.  SMM is not the instant solution to get your company to the top.  Always be prepared for a very long commitment or don’t even start at all.

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